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Together, we donated over $22,000 to our schools this year!  Thank you for another fantastic year!

2022/2023 (June) Treasurer's Report
For Archived Treasurer's Reports click HERE.

Deposit Voucher

Complete if you have collected funds on behalf of the PTA.  Be sure all checks have been made payable to "FKPTA" and are endorsed before submitting.

Expense Voucher


For PTA approved budget expenditures please complete to request reimbursement or vendor payments.

Cash Box Form


If your event requires start-up cash, please complete his form for initial request and return of funds.

Budget Request

Excel    PDF

For committee chairs, please provide a detailed budget (income and/or expense) before July 31, 2019 to  Budgets will be reviewed by the Board over the summer and submitted for final approval to general membership in September.

If you are making purchases for the PTA, please note we are a 501(c)3 and do NOT pay sales tax.  Supply the vendor with a ST-5 Tax Exempt Form at the time of the purchase. Copies are kept in the Flocktown School office and can be emailed by contacting the Treasurer.

*****  The PTA can not reimburse you for taxes.  *****

Questions?    Contact

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