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The Flocktown Kossmann PTA grant program awards grants up to $1,000 each.  No capital improvements, personal compensation or textbook purchases are considered.


Teachers must submit grant requests by the determined deadline.  Those requests are then reviewed by the principal and chairpersons to ensure the request supports the curriculum and are submitted to a review committee (comprised of at least 3 PTA members who are not on the executive board) to either approve or decline the proposed grants as per budget and judging criteria.  Funds are then donated by the Flocktown Kossmann PTA to the Washington Township Board of Education who arranges for the purchase of the approved materials via district-approved vendors and in accordance with the guidelines set by the BOE. 




1. Creativity - 30%


2. Interdisciplinary application - 20%


3. Ability to replicate activity with minimal budget impact - 20%


4. Benefit to students - 30%

a) Direct or indirect benefit to students

b) Number of students to benefit

c) Amount idea enhances instruction





1. The grant applicant(s) must be members of the Flocktown Kossmann PTA; 


2. Only one application is permitted per teacher per fiscal year, individually or as part of a group, and must include all details of the items being considered (price, use, benefit) and reference the area of the curriculum the items will support/enhance.


3. The grant requests must follow the BOE budgeting process guidelines, including no internet orders, use of a district-approved vendor and the funds being requested must include any shipping and handling charges. 


Awarded in 2018:

Five Grants Totaling $3,726.97

Active Classrooms and Kinesthetic Learning

$667.41 grant awarded to Mrs. Antonov


“Uke” Can Do It!

$864.60 grant awarded to Mrs. Fessenden


Flocktown STEM Program

$697.48 grant awarded to Mr. Jones 

Flocktown STEM Program

$697.48 grant awarded to Mrs. Vitorla


Promoting Wolfpack SPIRIT Through Visual Media

$800.00 grant awarded to Mrs. Sokol and Mrs. Conklin




Kristen Weinberger


Nicole Healy

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