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PTA Sponsored Teacher Grants

The Flocktown-Kossmann Parent Teach Association is proud to sponsor several teacher grants on an annual basis.  In 2019, the FKPTA awarded a total of $4,133.90, funding 5 separate teacher enrichment grants as follows:

  • Better Bongos!
    Mrs. Fessenden, 3-5th Grades - $456.50
    The purchase of 10 bongo sets for the Flocktown Music Program will replace broken and unusable instruments. Bongos are used to teach both steady rhythm and improvisation. The bongos are amongst the most popular choices in the music room and will be well used.


  • Blending Movement Skills and Spelling for Cross Curricular Fun Activities in Physical Education
    Mrs. Hanna, Grades K-2 – 746.46
    The Active Academics Scrabble Game and the Indoor/Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Set will allow Mrs. Hanna to combine physical skills like throwing and fitness, with academic skills including letter recognition and spelling and social skills including teambuilding, sportsmanship and leadership.


  • Early Introduction to STEM via Computer Coding
    Mrs. Blazka, Grades K-2 - $998.38
    Mrs. Blazka will purchase as series of games and activities that stand alone (do not require tablets) to introduce problem solving and sequential thinking leading to basic coding. These activities vary in complexity, but can be used with our K-2 students who will be taught to use them, then encouraged to use library time to explore and create. It is a fantastic opportunity to introduce STEM activities to our youngest students.


  • Arduino to Enrich
    Mr. Jones, Grades 4 and 5 - $942.98

    Mr. Jones, who has been developing a STEM program for our upper grades is adding to the “Maker Carts” he built last year. This year’s purchase is a combination of hardware and software that will allow the students to create digital, interactive devices (robots), starting with electrical components and moving up. These kits can be used independently or with materials already on the carts.


  • 3-D Printing to Learn and Create
    Mrs. Martire, Grades 4-5 - $989.58
    Mrs. Martire purchasing two 3-D printers and supporting materials. These will be used to enhance the STEM program, logical and critical thinking, and understanding ideas in the Language Arts/Social Studies fields. Students will learn to create objects/artifacts, understand objects from a three dimensional perspective and further enhance understanding of computer science through 3D software.

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